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Cleaning and Maintenance of Nubuck Leather Shoes

Nubuck leather is a shoe material obtained by treating leather to expose a neat and uniform fabric of leather and then dyeing it, because the delicate texture gives people a thick and warm feeling and makes this shoe material most often seen on boots in winter.
The nubuck leather of safety shoes is one of the more delicate kinds of shoe materials. The so-called delicacy is not to say that the shoes are not of good quality, but because the nubuck leather is easily contaminated with dust, needless to say, the light color series, including black and brown, is also dirty and has no discussion, and must be revealed without any room for hiding. After wearing the shoes, the fibers on the surface will slowly fall off and the leather will become bare, forming a discordant contrast with the rough frosting around it and also affecting the beauty.
How to clean and maintain Nubuck leather shoes?
If the nubuck leather shoes are stained with dust, do not wipe them with wet cloth, which will increase the area of dust. The better way is to lightly brush or lightly brush the vamp with a large and soft brush, and gently brush off the dust. If the stain is difficult to remove, use wet cloth to remove the stain by clicking and dipping, which will not cause the stain surface to continue to expand.
If you are not sure that you can fix the sanding skin, please send the shoes to the shoe repair shop for maintenance. Of course, you can also evenly coat the shoe powder matching the color of the safety shoes on the surface of the shoes, and brush off the rest with a soft brush.

Post time: Jan-21-2019