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Choice of types of safety shoes

Safety shoes, also known as safety shoes, refer to shoes that are worn in different workplaces or need to protect foot and leg from injuries for certain special types of work. The safety shoes can be roughly divided into four categories.
According to different industries, different kinds of safety shoes have specific production standards, so purchasing safety shoes also has proper selection according to the required functions and standards.
The first kind of safety shoes – Toe protection shoes
Anti – smashing shoes are safety shoes for toe protection, and are shoes that provide adequate protection for occupations that may potentially cause toe injury. Anti – smashing shoes are used in a wide range of industries, such as construction, handling and production. Quality – qualified anti-collision shoes have high requirements on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, mechanical equipment and so on in the production process. The impact resistance and pressure resistance of the toe cap must be good. The lining is generally made of light-weight metal, and its strength and impact resistance must be tested item by item to meet the specified standards before it can be used. At present, there is a huge demand for anti-smashing shoes at home and abroad, resulting in uneven quality of anti-smashing safety shoes on the market.
The second type of safety shoes – Insulated shoes
The function of insulated shoes is to prevent electric shock injury caused by electric current passing through the passage between the human body and the earth when electric operators get an electric shock. Insulated shoes are essential for high voltage electrical work. Electrical insulating shoes are protective shoes that can insulate people’s feet from charged objects and prevent electric shock injury. According to the withstand voltage range, there are 20kV, 6kV and 5kV insulating shoes, which must be selected according to the operating range. Insulated shoes should be inspected and maintained regularly, and should be temporarily suspended when exposed to damp, and placed in a ventilated and cool place to wait for natural air drying. If the sole of the shoe is punctured and damaged by foreign objects, it can no longer be used as an insulated shoe.
The third kind is the type of safety shoes – Anti-static shoes
The human body is one of the most common sources of electrostatic hazards. Anti – static shoes and conductive shoes can both eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in human body, but the use environment and methods of the two shoes are different. Anti – static shoes are often used together with anti-static clothing to prevent accidental electric shock to human body caused by current below 250V V. The place of use should be anti-static ground. This kind of labor protection shoe is equipped with an antistatic sole, and the whole shoe does not need metal, so as to reduce the possibility of friction and fire.
The fourth type of safety shoes – Anti-puncture shoes
Anti – puncture shoes are mainly aimed at effectively protecting the sole of the foot from being punctured by various sharp and hard objects, and are suitable for mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, cutting, transportation and other industries. A steel sheet is placed above the sole to prevent sharp and sharp objects from piercing the sole and causing injury to the bottom of the worker’s foot. According to the domestic standards for puncture – proof shoes, the puncture resistance of the sole needs to be more than 1100 N, and the maximum diameter of 3mm holes for fixing the puncture – proof pad to the sole should not exceed 3 and should not be located in the sole.

Post time: Jan-21-2019